My Pepeha

LI: To write and say our Pepeha.

I have written a Pepeha for people to understand who I am. A Pepeha is introducing yourself to others in Maori. I can communicate with others by sharing my connections with many people. The point of our experience is to learn other people’s culture and where they are from.

I found this activity interesting and fun because I enjoy learning other languages and to getting to know other people.


Today this week me and my group did shot put for hpe.

First our coach tells us to get into groups of 3 or 4’s, get into lines behind cones, and use the shot put balls to do a shot put.

Next we had to hit the cones that were infront of us but by using control just by pushing the ball forward so the ball can go past the cone slowly.

Lastly we had to do competetion by seeing who can push their shot put ball further.

I enjoyed doing shot put. I did well at aiming. I need to improve at pushing the ball further.

Pencil Case Design

Today I made a pencil case design with my group.

First I partnered up with a student named nio to make a pencil case.

Next we decorated it, bought it on sale which it only costs 1 token, the whole class was told that we can get only 5 tokens to buy something from the other classrooms, which means the whole school got 5 things by using 5 tokens from each other classrooms, which there was free ice blocks, pet rocks, spinners, friendship bracelets, bookmarks, pencil cases, play dough, and slime.

Lastly before we went to our class we got free ice blocks and we came back to our classroom, and started our blog post.

I enjoyed making a pencil case. I did well using my tokens wisely. I need to improve myself on designing.



Today I learned about my designs, (my designs are pencil cases and bookmarks).

First I made a poster by using Google drawings.

Next I started my designs by tracing images around.

Lastly I bought my designs on sale which 1 pencil case or bookmark costs 1 dollar, finished the sale part and started my blog post.


This week me and my group learned about money, and how to use money by using math strategies like algorithm.

First I made a copy of a Google slide that my teacher sent me for using images of cents and dollars, which 100 cent goes into 1 dollar, and dollar goes before and cents goes after.

Next I did a puzzle that says my teacher sent me 5 dollars which I have to buy something with 5 dollars but I have to at least buy 2 items just from a shop website.

Lastly I had to add names from the 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 bill, even from the back of the note, the name of the birds on the back of the bills, and started my blog post.


Today I learned about adverstisement.

First I made a Google drawing of advertisement about my favourite food, which I chose lucky charms.

Next I decorated my advertisement, added the price and added the location of where you can get it.

Lastly I finished the pop up part of my advertisement and started blog post.

I enjoyed making an advertisement about my favourite food. I did well on the price and the location. I need to improve on my decorating.

Decimal Numbers

Today I learned about decimal numbers, (a decimal number is a number that consists of a whole and a fractional part).

First I made a copy of a Google slides, and learned about which decimal number is the largest and smallest.

Next I wanted to look at the example that my teacher made so I can get some ideas, but when I got an idea, I made my own poster and added an example of myself of a decimal number.

Lastly I finished my work and started my blog post.

I enjoyed learning about decimal numbers. I did well on my poster. I need to improve on my speed.

Describing Poem.

Today me and my group did a describing Poem about our favourite food. (adjective means a word naming an attribute).

First I made a copy of the google drawing 2 times because I felt like doing a extra one.

Next I decorated the poems and added information of my favourite food.

Lastly I finished my work and started my blog post.

Ask for Help.

Today me and my group learned about asking for help without any pressure.

First I was sent a jamboard to put a sticky note that says a positive message on the board.

Next I made a copy of a Google drawing, and decorated it to make it look like a nice message.

Lastly I finished and started my blog post.

I enjoyed decorating my DLO. I did well decorating my DLO. I need to improve on positive work.


Today I read a book named wonder, (the book is about a boy named auggie which he did not like going to school but he got used to it and made some friends named Jack will, Charlotte, and Julian).

First I read the book and made a copy of a Google slides that my teacher sent me.

Next I had some symbols and texts to match them of the characters from the book I read.

Lastly I had to use the symbols to type the character’s traits and physical traits, which of what they look like and what type of personality do they own, then I started my blog post.

I enjoyed reading the book. I did well matching the symbols and the texts. I need to improve on my reading.